Grenadian Cuisine – Caribbean fusion with African & Asian Influences

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Tales from three continents

Our cooking styles stem from years of experience cooking dishes in the kitchen with our parents and are predominately influenced by our cultures.

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices, produce makes our dishes memorably mouth-watering!

Dishes are fusioned mainly from The Caribbean (Grenada); Africa and Asia.

Curried Goat Meat

Curried Goat Meat – Slow-cooked boneless diced pieces of goat meat, seasoned overnight with our special blend of herbs and spices, then cooked in our curry sauce with diced potatoes.

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Grenadian cuisine: Dishes have been influenced by our parents who were born in Grenada, an island that belongs to the Micro-Continent of the Caribbean.  The traditional food of the island has been handed down through the generations.

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