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Grenadian Cuisine with a Fusion of African & Asian Culture

Tales from three cultures

About Us – Spice Gyalz Catering established in 2010, provides homemade Caribbean Food.

Dishes stem from three cultures: France, Africa and India. This very much influenced the culture and cuisine of Grenadian cooking.

Our chef GEMS has been cooking dishes centred around traditional Grenadian cuisine for family and friends for more than 40 years. All functions catered for.

Popular street foods include curry goat roti served wrapped in a dal puri roti skin and bakes and fish cakes. Desserts such as Coconut Tarts and Spice Bun are very popular. Sweets include guava cheese, fudge or tamarind balls, rum & raisin ice cream, currant rolls, and Grenadian spice cake.

Our parents’ cultures predominately influenced our tastes for good food.

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices makes our dishes memorably mouth-watering.

Contact Us Spice Gyalz Catering Logo_150x150

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